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How to Choose the Best Fuel Card Company for Your Fleet

Jan 10, 2019 9:14:00 AM

How to Determine Best Fuel Card

Ultimately, finding the best fuel card company to partner with your fleet requires a bit of research on your end. Throughout the process, you should familiarize yourself with the websites of different providers, review their terms and conditions, and look for reviews from existing clients. These steps will give you a comprehensive view of their services and help you determine the best fit.

Look for customer reviews.

The simplest way to determine what to expect from the best fuel card companies is to talk to their existing customers. If you have friends or family that are currently using a fuel card, ask for their input and experiences. Would they recommend their fuel card provider?

Even if you don’t know anyone using a fuel card, you can find fuel card reviews to inform your decision. Some companies avoid placing these on their site, but they are still available online if you know where to look. The first place to check would be the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as they monitor for client complaints and give each provider a rating based on their performance. To find additional feedback, you can also Google search the phrase “[vendor’s name] rip-off report” which will bring up complaints from existing customers. Monitoring social media can also give you an idea of their clients’ satisfaction, and you should watch their account for a few days as some companies delete negative reviews or posts.

However, as with all online research, you need to be wary. There are some websites that allow providers to pay for articles and positive reviews about their program, which then generate leads for their sales programs. Be mindful of these purchased reviews when doing your research and ensure you’re getting insights from real people by combing through these sites to look for paid marketing packages. If a company has to pay for services, you likely can’t trust the info on a website.  

Watch out for fuel card fees.

What may seem like the best fuel card company from a discount or rebate standpoint, may actually cost you more. Many companies hide their fees and costs, so you will have to read through the Terms and Conditions of potential providers. In addition, you may want to search the web for reviews regarding extra fees and charges. Some of these fees can add up to shocking amounts each month, so take the time to read our fuel card fee comparison to avoid paying more than you should.

Fraud liability

One of the biggest changes to the fuel card industry over the past year has been the shift in fraud liability. Many vendors are pushing their fraud liability back onto their customers, which is a huge risk for fleets of all sizes. The U.S. Truth in Lending Act mandates fraud protection for up to 10 cards, so most companies will do the bare minimum and only cover fraud for fleets with 10 cards or less. However, there are some companies that still cover fraud for all customers regardless of their size, so you should read through the Terms and Conditions of each company to see if you’ll be covered.

Billing cycle and terms flexibility

Another aspect to examine throughout your search is whether a vendor will be flexible in order to meet the needs of your company. Some providers only offer one billing cycle and refuse to adjust for any reason. If you have specific needs, be sure to ask your fuel card representative if exceptions can be made. This is also key for new fleets or those with spotty credit. The best fuel card companies are willing to find solutions for your problems from the start of your partnership.


Though many businesses focus solely on savings and locations, it is essential to do your research on fuel card companies themselves. Avoiding fees, preventing fraud, and finding good customer service can be difficult, but researching the industry will help you find the best fuel card company for your fleet.

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