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Access discount CFN locations for lower diesel prices.

With the CFN fuel card, access the largest cardlock network nationwide with fuel locations designed for commercial vehicles. Make use of industry-best fleet card controls at CFN sites to reduce fuel costs and control driver fueling.




[fa icon="map-marker"] CFN Locations

Access 3,000 CFN sites, open 24 hours and located near industrial areas and highways. High-speed dispensers with satellites available to help drivers refuel and get back on the road quickly.

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[fa icon="dollar"] Discount Diesel Prices

Cost-plus pricing available at CFN sites to save money. View current unleaded and diesel fuel prices for CFN sites online to identify the lowest priced fuel locations along your routes.

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[fa icon="credit-card"] Clear Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Know pricing and discounts with fuel cards before any purchase is made. No hidden fees or late fees.

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[fa icon="lock"] Purchase Controls

Set fuel type and gallon limits for purchases and control when and how often drivers use their CFN cards. Capture the odometer to track MPG and identify theft or vehicle maintenance issues.

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[fa icon="bell-o"] Fraud Alerts

Opt to receive electronic receipts and fraud alerts for additional oversight of fuel cards and to control driver spending.

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[fa icon="desktop"] Online Account Management

Manage your fuel cards, check transactions and download invoices easily. Run reports to track expenses and compare usage.

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Looking for specific CFN sites in your area?

3,000 fuel locations nationwide accept the CFN fleet card. Use the CFN site locator to find CFN locations.

Find CFN Locations [fa icon="angle-right"]


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