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Advantages of CFN locations

P-Fleet CFN Fuel Card

More CFN locations than truck stops on the West Coast

There are nearly 4 times as many CFN locations as truck stops in the Western United States and over 3,000 locations nationwide that accept the CFN fuel card.



State CFN Locations Truck Stops
Arizona 51 50
California 536 116
Idaho 118 64
Nevada 62 27
Oregon 123 33
Utah 47 73
Washington 205 37
Total 1,142 400



Designed for commercial vehicles

With easy access for large trucks, convenient locations and satellite dispensers, your drivers will be back on the road as quickly as possible.



Access to off-road diesel

Purchasing off-road diesel for your equipment can save you significant money up-front and avoid issues with filing for refunds.


Want CFN card acceptance at truck stops and gas stations?

If your fleet operates outside the West Coast or you need additional sites, we have you covered. The CFN card has optional access to 57,000 of the most popular retail gas stations and truck stops so you can refuel across the country:

CFN Fuel Card Acceptance

Don't Lose Money to Unfair Fees.

We believe in honest, transparent pricing. Simply pay for your purchases during the billing period, plus $3 per invoice. If we invoice you twice a month, then you will only pay $6 in fees, that’s it.


CFN Fuel Card Fees
Fee Type Amount
Invoice $3 per billing period 
Account Setup $0
Card Orders $0
Monthly Card Fee $0
Transaction Fee $0
Late Fee $0
Report Fee $0
Returned Payment $0
Mailed Invoice $0
Invoice Payment by Check $0
Account Reinstatement $0
Account Research Fee $0
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Simple Online Account Management

Our online tools make it easy to manage your fuel card program however big your fleet is.

Manage CFN Cards

Add, adjust, and cancel cards anytime from our online portal, saving fleet managers time and stress.

Download Reports

Create and download reports totaling spend by driver, vehicle, fuel type, state, GL code, and more.

CFN Site Locator

Use our online locator to find the sites nearest you and compare prices, fuel types, and amenities.

Check CFN Fuel Prices

Use our online pricing tool to find the cheapest gas near you and plan your route along the lowest-price locations.


The CFN app allows you to filter locations by amenity and fuel type and get turn-by-turn directions to nearby sites.

Market Forecast

To help maximize your savings, P-Fleet's daily market forecasts can alert you to changing CFN gas station prices so you can strategically refuel when prices are cheapest.

Free fuel reports to simplify tracking of fleet expenses

Simplify processing and improve administrative efficiency with reports that deliver the right data to the right personnel.

Invoices & Statements

Available online and by email, fax or mail. Invoices include Level III data and GL code/department summaries. Master AR statements are available to simplify corporate payments for multiple locations.

Driver & Vehicle Usage

Run reports to compare usage among cards and download transactions into Excel. View gallons, price, transaction amount, date/time, location, fuel type, odometer, among other details.

Fuel Spend

Summarize fuel spend by region, branch, department, GL code or other cost center of your choice for any time period you need.

IFTA Reporting

Free IFTA reporting is available that summarizes fuel purchases by state and vehicle to reduce the time needed to file IFTA returns.

Fuel Tax Refunds

Identify refundable gallons used in off-road equipment and reefer units to simplify refund filing. We can also apply certain fuel tax exemptions at the time of purchase to eliminate filing for fuel tax refunds.

Electronic Data Files

Reduce manual data entry with data files that can be imported into your fleet maintenance, asset management or ERP software applications.

Contractor Purchases

If contractors have cards on your account, we can sort card purchases by contractor so you know the amounts to deduct. Or ask about our contractor fuel program.

Exception Reporting

Set up reports to detect fraudulent activity and volume changes. Email alerts will be sent should suspect any activity occur with your fleet cards.

Track Odometer and MPG

Capture miles per gallon (MPG) and cost per mile (CPM) information with odometer entry at the pump. Inconsistent MPG can indicate theft or maintenance problems, preempting issues with your fleet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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