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CFN Fuel Card: Greater discounts while managing your fleet

Access the largest discount CFN card lock network in the U.S. Take advantage of industry-leading controls, online account tools, and free reporting to reduce fuel costs and manage your fleet using a CFN gas card.



So many benefits for fleets

Get to know the advantages of CFN network sites and why customers prefer them.

Pricing that saves money

We offer cost-plus or retail-minus pricing, depending on whether you prefer wholesale rates or set discounts. Account reps are available to make a recommendation based on your needs.



More locations than truck stops

There are nearly three times as many CFN fuel sites as truck stops in the Western United States and over 3,000 locations nationwide. More locations and discounts to keep customers happy.

Designed for commercial vehicles

Easy access for large trucks, convenient locations along routes and satellite dispensers with high-speed fueling to get back on the road ASAP. Many locations open 24/7 to accommodate fleets.



Access to off-road diesel

Purchasing off-road diesel for your equipment can save significant money up front and avoid the hassle of filing for tax refunds afterwards. But if you have to file, we can help.



57,000 extra locations, just in case

Discounted pricing is available at CFN sites, but if there isn't one nearby, select retail gas stations and truck stops can be added to your card. Pay the pump price without transaction fees!

No transaction fees when you swipe

No transaction fees. Period.

More locations, lower prices

The CFN fuel card is ideal for trucking fleets operating in western states. See how the number of sites compare by state or use our site locator to check coverage along your routes.





Add retail brands for extra coverage.

If you run beyond the West or need more sites, we have you covered. Add optional access to 57,000 of the most popular retail gas stations and truck stops to refuel nationwide. Get discounted rates at commercial fueling network card sites, and pay the merchant pump price at additional locations with no transaction fees.

CFN Fuel Card


How customers save money with the CFN fuel card.

Different customers have different needs. Some prefer cost-plus pricing that follows the wholesale market. Others prefer retail-minus pricing with set discounts. Either option allows for discounts up front rather than waiting for a rebate so you can save money your way. Plus, customers can view prices online for total transparency when using a CFN credit card.



Cost-plus pricing

Cost-plus pricing at discount sites is based on Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).

Retail-minus pricing

Pricing can also be discounted off average AAA rates or truck stops for select areas.

Pump pricing

Pricing for optional retail gas stations and truck stops are set by those merchants.

Fuel tax exemptions

Agricultural, municipality or bus exemptions can be applied to invoices if you qualify.

Clear pricing without hidden fees

Customers deserve transparent pricing, not hidden fees. We post prices online so you can see what you’ll pay. We charge $3 per invoice period for the account, not per card, not per transaction. No late fees when making invoice payments.

  • $3 per account invoice
  • No account setup fees
  • No monthly card fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No late payment fees


Take control of costs with account and card security.

Apply in less than 5 minutes.

If you're ready, you can submit an application for the CFN fuel card in less than 5 minutes. Just enter your contact and company information. Credit checks are soft inquiries that won't affect your credit score.



Manage your account online.

Our online tools make it easy to manage your CFN fuel card program.

Manage cards

Add, adjust or cancel cards anytime from our online portal. Or call our customer service team to make changes.

Download reports

Create and download reports showing company spend by driver, vehicle, fuel type, state, GL code and more.

Site locator

Use our online locator to find the sites nearest you and check available product types, amenities and prices.

Check fuel prices

With prices posted online, find the cheapest gas near you and plan routes to access the lowest-priced locations.

Mobile app

Use our mobile app to filter locations by product and get turn-by-turn directions while you're on the road.

Market forecasts

Check daily market forecasts to learn about changing prices so you can refuel when prices are lowest.

Free fuel reports

Improve processing and efficiency with reports that deliver the right data to the right personnel.

Invoices & statements

Invoices by email, fax or online, with Level III data and GL codes. Master AR statements available.

Driver & vehicle usage

Compare usage and view gallons, price, amount, date/time, location, fuel type and odometer.

Fuel spend

Total your spend by region, branch, department, GL code or other cost center of your choice.

IFTA reporting

Summarize your purchases by state and vehicle to reduce time needed to file IFTA.

Fuel tax refunds

Identify refundable gallons for off-road equipment and reefer units or use exempted dyed diesel. 

Electronic data files

Reduce data entry by importing files into fleet maintenance or asset management systems.

Exception reporting

Detect fraudulent activity or volume changes. Email alerts sent if suspect activity occurs.

Odometer & MPG

Track MPG and CPM (cost per mile). Inconsistent data could mean theft or vehicle problems.


Ready to set up your CFN card account?

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime (but few customers do). Set up a new fuel management account today.