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Find the fleet fuel card that fits your business.

Get to know the different fleet fuel card options we provide, and select the option that fits where and how your company operates.

Wherever your business takes you, we have you covered.

Discount network access

If you operate in the West, choose our CFN fleet fuel card with discounts to save money.

Truck stop and retail access

Add on select retail brands or choose our universal fuel card to access all major brands.

Zero transaction fees

Standard customers don't pay any transaction fees when using our fleet cards for business.

Get a quote

We offer cost-plus or retail-minus pricing at CFN sites. Contact us today to request a quote.

Discover the power of fleet fuel cards for your company.

Trucking companies are always looking for ways to spend less on fuel. When fuel prices rise, you must find ways to decrease the impact on your budget. This is why many trucking companies turn to a fleet fuel card from P-Fleet to save money. It’s one of the most important tools for reducing costs and giving owners better control over cash flow.

But a fleet fuel card goes further than reducing the cost of fuel. It comes with benefits that can transform how a trucking company does business. Fleet fuel cards with discounts can improve employee relations, provide extra security, and offer better expense tracking and reporting. If you’re an owner interested in a universal gas card for business purposes, then a fleet fuel card may be the perfect solution. Here are some of the benefits you get with P-Fleet fleet cards for business owners like you:


Fuel discounts

Fleet cards for fuel discounts are usually used for unleaded and diesel vehicles, but not always. There are a great number of alternative fuels these days, and fleets that use them often have difficulty finding a business fleet card that will provide an adequate solution. A P-Fleet business fuel card can open you up to discounts on alternative fuels.


Secure transactions

A universal fuel card makes tracking your employees' expenses much easier, especially since these cards are the primary purchase method for drivers. Your employees will no longer have to pay for fuel and then seek your reimbursement. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of their receipts or worrying about fraudulent purchases. 

Additionally, using a fuel card can enhance security for your employees compared to paying with cash. Once cash is stolen, it's typically irretrievable. But if an employee misplaces or has their fuel card stolen, a simple report to P-Fleet ensures the card is deactivated and safeguarded against unauthorized use.


Customizable spend limits

Each of your drivers might have varying fuel requirements, influenced by vehicle size, route, and cargo type. You can assign personalized spending limits for every driver tailored to their unique needs.


Improve your cash flow

Cash flow is all about tracking and maintaining control over every dollar passing through your business. When using cash for employee fuel purchases, you have less cash flow for other areas of your business, and the reconciliation process  is much more complicated and time consuming. Using fuel cards streamlines these transactions, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures more consistent, predictable cash flow. With diesel fuel cards, a small business can track fuel expenses, set spending limits, and optimize fleet performance while enjoying cost savings with each eligible gallon that’s purchased.


Reduce your paperwork

Eliminating the need for employees to file fuel reimbursements or provide receipt backups reduces administrative paperwork. This not only eases the burden on your staff but also cuts down on excess paper in the office, ensuring a more efficient use of time and resources.


Scale up

Depending on the size of your business, you may want the services and benefits of one card over the other. You may be searching for the best small fleet fuel card if you only have a dozen vehicles or so. Conversely, you may be looking for the best large fleet card to handle your 500+ trucks. While you may have to switch your specific card, P-Fleet will scale with you. We’ll provide you with the exact fleet fuel card you need to get the discounts you deserve!


Schedule and pay for maintenance

When your vehicles need maintenance, you can use your fleet fuel card to pay for it! This will give you even more control and allow you to track your maintenance costs more effectively.

With a fleet fuel card, you have more control over every cost and expense, giving you more flexibility to spend money where you need to. Say goodbye to the complications of reimbursements, fuel cost challenges, and fuel-related cash flow issues.

Join our other customers, big and small.

We support thousands of fleet card customers nationwide and understand the pressure of running a business that's growing because that's how we got started. Our team is committed to providing the best gas cards for business and the highest level of service (without all the fees) so that customers get the support they need. Read our customer reviews to see why they rate us highly.


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Discover discount pricing with the CFN business fleet card.

Various types of fleets benefit from using CFN. Customers get access to a discount network of 3,000 cardlock fueling sites covering the western U.S. Commercial cardlock locations are built to accommodate large trucks and equipment, and many sites include high-speed dispensers so that drivers can refuel quickly. Companies that operate beyond the West can add on select retail and truck stop brands for extra coverage.



Fleet Fuel Card
Discount locations

Customers can access 3,000 cardlock sites with cost-plus pricing available.

Extra coverage

Add on 57,000 retail locations for extra coverage. Select by fleet fuel card depending on driver routes.

Purchase controls

Industry-best fleet fuel card controls to limit driver fueling only to what they need for their vehicle.

Alternative fuels

Dyed diesel, CNG, LNG and DEF products available at select sites to accommodate fleets.

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Gain universal coverage with the Voyager universal gas card for businesses.

Companies nationwide benefit from using Voyager. Customers have the choice of over 320,000 gas stations and truck stops anywhere in the U.S. for unrivaled brand access and total convenience. Because fleet cards for business are accepted across major and independent brands, cardholders gain the flexibility to choose the nearest location as well as the brand with the lowest price. Optional maintenance purchases can also be enabled.



Gas Card for Business
Convenient coverage

Customers can choose from 320,000 retail fuel sites in the U.S. for total convenience.

Brand choice

Accepted at major brands and 10,000 independents, giving cardholders flexibility.

Purchase controls

Comprehensive fleet fuel card controls to limit employee purchases and prevent misuse.

Optional maintenance

For those drivers that need it, provide access to 60,000 maintenance locations.

Need help deciding? Let's talk.

With discount fuel locations and universal acceptance as available options, we can help your company determine which fleet card is the right fit for your needs.



Included with your account

Clear pricing, no unfair fees

No setup fees, transaction fees or late fees. CFN prices are online, and with Voyager, you pay the merchant pump price.

Online account access

Manage fleet cards for fuel, check transactions and download invoices. Run reports to track expenses and usage.

Free reports

Simplify processing and account for every purchase with free reports for accounting and upper management.

Industry-best controls

Set gallon or dollar limits, control transactions per day and authorize fueling days and times.

Adjustable limits

Adjust limits to fit each of your drivers or vehicles for total control and flexibility.

Fraud alerts

Utilize fraud alerts and e-receipts to catch suspect fueling or monitor specific cards.

Mobile apps

Download the CFN-Fleetwide or Voyager mobile app so that drivers can find locations when on the road.

Refunds & exemptions

Apply certain fuel tax exemptions at the time of fueling or track gallons that qualify for refunds. Our tracking solutions allow you to maximize savings on every dollar.

Dedicated support

Our customer service team is committed to providing the highest level of support for customers. We're ready to help.

Is a fleet fuel card right for your business?

While a fleet fuel card is a fantastic way to reduce fuel costs, you must also be sure you’re getting the right one. Your business needs can be highly specialized, but chances are, there’s a fleet fuel card for you.

Dive into effortless spending management, gaining clarity on every fuel-related dollar. Experience seamless tracking and insightful reporting, spotlighting how much your employees spend on fuel and where they're filling up. It's all about making informed decisions effortlessly. Let’s examine the types of businesses that most benefit from these cards.

Delivery companies

Delivery vehicles use significant quantities of fuel. Fuel spend is often one of the highest expense categories for delivery companies. With varied routes, it is often important to have access to as many gas stations as possible to ensure that drivers can fuel quickly and conveniently. 

Trucking companies

Reducing fuel spend is very important to trucking companies because of how large the expense is for them. Class 7 and 8 trucks have large fuel tanks and significant range which allows them more flexibility in finding lower cost fueling options. Discount fuel networks are often the best choice for them. 

Construction companies

From trucks to construction equipment, construction companies use quite a bit of fuel. They often have more complicated reporting requirements for expensing fuel to jobs or departments and filing for off-road refunds for fuel used in their equipment. 

Cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities have large fleets that require fuel spend controls and powerful reconciliation tools. They often qualify for fuel tax exemptions from federal and/or state excise taxes. Fleet gas cards for small businesses easily accomplish these goals.

Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Complete your application online in less than 5 minutes. Just enter your contact and company information. Credit checks are soft inquiries that won't affect your credit score. Find the best small fleet fuel card and save additional money every month!



Why P-Fleet?

Our goal is quite simple: to fuel better business. P-Fleet will provide you with a fuel card for business expenses to ensure your fleet operates efficiently and receives discounts on fuel. Our service is aimed at helping your fleet stay on budget and keep you satisfied as a customer.

Trust P-Fleet to be your fleet fuel card provider and benefit from 34 years of industry experience. But we don't settle. We continuously strive to refine and innovate our processes and practices. We’re responsible for millions of gallons of fuel sold at discounted prices, so you can trust that P-Fleet will continue providing discounted fuel to keep you running well into the future. Contact P-Fleet today and learn how to get the fleet fuel card your business deserves.

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