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Voyager Fleet Card: Easy to use, accepted anywhere!

With over 320,000 accepting locations, you have the convenience of using our Voyager fleet card to fuel nearly anywhere, across major brands, saving time and money. Controls and online account management tools included.



Flexibility without unfair fees

With so many brands and locations available with the Voyager fleet card, your only challenge is which to choose.

No transaction fees

The Voyager credit card is accepted at over 97% of all retail gas stations and truck stops in the United States, giving drivers significant flexibility without any transaction fees.

Low cost brand choice

You aren't limited to the highest-priced retail and truck stop brands like other cards. Shop across local brands for the lowest prices and choose from 320,000 locations nationwide.

Independent truck stops

In addition to acceptance at major brands, the card can also be used at 10,000 independent truck stops. Choose whichever location you prefer for cost, convenience or amenities.

Optional vehicle maintenance

Limit cards to fuel only or allow optional maintenance purchases for drivers. Gain a complete picture of vehicle costs with maintenance included on your Voyager fleet card invoice.

Card limits and fraud protection

Spending is controlled throughout the proprietary card network. Set limits on purchases per day and dollars per day, week and month. Free fraud protection if card skimming occurs.

Level III data with every swipe

Capture vehicle, driver, odometer, gallons, product, date, time, dollar amount and location with each purchase. MPG is calculated from the odometer entry for a snapshot of vehicle efficiency.

Accepted at major brands and over 97% of all gas stations and truck stops.

Wherever you operate, the Voyager gas card has you covered. Maximize savings with your choice of nearly all major gas station and truck stop brands in the U.S., including independent stations. And no transaction fees when you use the card.

Voyager Fleet Card


Accepting fuel locations

More than 320,000 fuel locations available. Search for specific brands below.

Accepting service locations

More than 60,000 maintenance locations available. Search for specific brands below.

Lower your costs with the Voyager fleet card.

Gain convenience and flexibility to save time and money. Drivers have the choice of the closest stations and lowest-priced brands. Find locations, refuel and get back on the road quickly. With flexibility anywhere, your company can save everywhere.

Save driver time

Easily find a location with access to 97% of gas stations and truck stops in the U.S.

Choose the lowest price

Choose the lowest prices and least expensive brands to minimize expenses.

Locate low gas prices

Use our mobile app to find the lowest gas prices nearby or along routes.

Exemptions available

If you qualify, get agricultural, municipality or bus exemptions applied to your account.

Don't lose money to unfair account fees.

With some vendors, extra fees add up. We keep it simple by NOT charging setup fees, transaction fees or late fees. We invoice for the fleet purchases during your invoice period, plus $3 per account invoice. Not per card, not per transaction, for the entire account.

  • $3 per account invoice
  • No account setup fees
  • No monthly card fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No late payment fees



Limit spend with Voyager fleet card controls.

Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Complete your application online in less than 5 minutes. Just enter your contact and company information. Credit checks are soft inquires that won't affect your credit score.



Easy online account management

Manage your Voyager fuel card program online and track driver and vehicle fueling.

Manage Voyager cards

Add, change or cancel cards from our customer portal. Save time and maintain control over fleet fueling.

Access your invoices

Download your current and historical invoices whenever you need to access them.

Run fueling reports

Run reports to summarize spend by driver, vehicle, product, state, GL code and more.

Voyager mobile app

Download the app to find the lowest prices and get turn-by-turn directions.

Free reporting to track expenses.

Save time tracking expenses and get the right information to each team member in each department. 

Invoices & statements

Invoices by email, fax or online. GL code or department totals to simplify processing.

Driver & vehicle spend

Compare spend by driver and vehicle and download transactions into Excel to view purchase details.

Fuel summaries

Sum transactions by division, department, GL code or product to easily allocate expenses.

IFTA filing

Total your company purchases by state and vehicle so you can easily complete IFTA filing.

Fuel tax refunds

Tally gallons used in off-road equipment and reefer units to easily file refunds.

Electronic data files

Avoid data entry by uploading files into fleet maintenance, asset management or ERP software.

Exception notifications

Create email notifications to identify suspect purchase behavior or volume increases.

Odometer & MPG

Track MPG and CPM (cost per mile) to detect potential employee or vehicle problems.


Ready to set up your Voyager fleet card account?

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime (but few customers do). Our Voyager fleet card services are designed to work within your system without disrupting your operations.