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Choose from 320,000 gas stations and truck stops that accept the Voyager fuel card, plus optional maintenance.

Voyager Card Acceptance

Access over 95% of all fuel stations and maximize savings with your choice of all major retail and truck stop brands, including:


Optional Vehicle Maintenance

Limit cards to fuel only or allow fuel and maintenance purchases so that drivers can easily cover expenses when on the road. With maintenance purchases on your Voyager card invoice, you will get a better picture of total vehicle costs.



Level III Data for Every Purchase

Purchases are protected throughout the proprietary Voyager network with PINs and spend controls. All transactions always capture vehicle number, driver, odometer, number of gallons, product type, time, date, dollar amount and location.



Fair and transparent pricing to give you peace of mind.

We only charge $3 per invoice, no extra fees. If we invoice you twice a month for all your Voyager fuel card purchases, then it is only $6 in fees for the month. That’s it.


Voyager fuel card fees
Fee Type Amount
Invoice $3 per billing period 
Account Setup $0
Card Orders $0
Monthly Card Fee $0
Transaction Fee $0
Late Fee $0
Report Fee $0
Returned Payment $0
Mailed Invoice $0
Invoice Payment by Check $0
Account Reinstatement $0
Account Research Fee $0
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Easy Online Account Management

With an online account, it is simple to manage your Voyager card program.

Manage Your Voyager Cards

Add, cancel and update your team’s cards anytime from our online portal.

Create and Download Reports

Easily detail and summarize your fuel purchases by driver, vehicle, state, department, product, GL code and more.

Voyager Mobile App

The Voyager app allows you to find the lowest fuel prices, station amenities, and fuel types and get turn-by-turn directions to the site.

Easily track expenses with free Voyager Card reporting.

Save time with reports that provide the right information to your team.

Invoices & Statements

Invoices delivered online, and by email, mail, or fax, including GL code/department summaries for easy processing. To simplify corporate payments for multiple accounts, master AR statements are available.

Driver & Vehicle Spend

Compare usage between cards and download transactions into Excel. View gallons, price, transaction amount, date/time, location, fuel type, odometer reading, and other essential details for each purchase.

Fuel Summaries

Total transactions by department, GL code, product, division and more to properly monitor and allocate your fuel spending.

IFTA Filing

Complimentary IFTA reports total fuel purchases by state and vehicle so you can easily file your return.

Fuel Tax Refunds

Easily total gallons used in off-road vehicles and reefer units so you can file for refunds. Some fuel tax exemptions are applied at the time of purchase so there is no need to file.

Electronic Data Files

Reduce or even eliminate manual data entry with files that can be automatically imported into your fleet maintenance, asset management, or ERP software.

Independent Contractors

If you supply Voyager fuel cards to ICs, we can detail and summarize purchases by contractor to simplify your deduction processing. Or ask about our independent contractor programs.


Detect suspicious activity and spend increases. Set up email alerts for purchases that occur outside of the rules you specify.

Track Odometer and MPG

See MPG (mile per gallon) and CPM (cost per mile) information on reports when odometer is input at the pump. Inconsistent MPG can indicate theft or maintenance problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does P-Fleet compare to the competition?

You can easily see for yourself on our "Reviews" page, as we are the only fuel card company that provides real 3rd party reviews from our clients. Our customers rate us 4.7 out of 5.

What are your customer support hours?

Our customer service team is available to support your drivers and help answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does P-Fleet make money with the Voyager Card?

Like credit card issuers, P-Fleet receives a small percentage of each transaction from the merchant (in this case, the gas stations and truck stops you fuel at). You pay the pump price at the station.

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