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Explore benefits and features that keep customers happy.

Our solutions provide convenience, cost savings and flexibility for fleets, businesses and contractors.



 Fleet Fuel Cards

 Fleet Fuel Cards

Choose from Voyager, CFN or Fleetwide fuel cards depending upon your needs.

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 Voyager Universal Acceptance

Choose from 230,000 retail and truck stop fuel locations and select brands with the best price.

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 CFN Discount Cardlocks

Access 3,000 CFN locations built for commercial vehicles with discounted diesel prices.

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 Fleetwide Network Flexibility

Access discount CFN locations plus 55,000 retail and truck stop fuel locations for flexible coverage.

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 Alternative Fuels

Dyed diesel, CNG and LNG fuel products available at select fuel locations.

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 Optional Maintenance

Issue the Voyager fleet card as fuel only or with fuel and maintenance purchases allowed.

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 Driver or Vehicle Cards

Capture both driver and vehicle information during fueling with either card system.



 Industry-Best Controls

Designate cards as fuel only, restrict fueling to specific times and days and set transaction limits.

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 Customize Cards

Adjust card controls and decide which products are allowed for individual drivers and vehicles.

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 Capture Odometer, MPG and CPM

Prompt for odometer entry to track MPG and CPM and identify theft or maintenance issues.

 Card Watch

Receive email notification whenever specific cards are used for a purchase.

 Volume Change Alerts

Any significant change to your average weekly gallons is reported.

 Product Exception Alerts

Card activity that differs from the normal purchasing pattern is reported.

 Transaction Error Alerts

Attempting to fuel outside of authorized fueling parameters triggers an alert.

 Time or Day of Purchase Alerts

Set alerts for driver fueling that occurs at specific times or on specific days.

 Fueling Location Alerts

Set alerts for driver fueling that occurs away from designated fuel locations or regions.



 Invoices & Statements

Available online and by email, fax or mail. GL code/department summaries included.

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 Master AR Statements

Master AR statements are available to simplify corporate payments for multiple locations.

 Level III Data

Capture gallons, price, amount, date/time, location, fuel type, odometer and more.


Get notification via email when fleet fuel cards are used.

 Driver & Vehicle Usage

Run reports to compare usage among cards, and download transactions into Excel.

 Electronic Data Files

Reduce manual data entry with data files that can be imported into your system.

 IFTA Reporting

Free IFTA reporting that summarizes fuel purchases by state and vehicle.

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 Fuel Tax Refunds

Identify refundable gallons used in off-road equipment and reefer units for refund filing.

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 Fuel Spend

Summarize company fuel spend by the cost center of your choice for any time period you need.

 On-Site Fueling Data

Combine transactional data from fuel cards, on-site tanks and mobile fueling.

 Fuel Budgeting & Trend Analysis

Analyze trends, evaluate your current purchasing strategy and measure budget goals.


 Online Tools

 Manage Fuel Cards

Log in to adjust purchase controls and cancel or order new cards.

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 Transaction Downloads

View gallons, price, amount, date/time, location, fuel type, odometer and more in Excel.

 Current & Historical Invoices

Current and historical invoices available online to view, print or download.

 Online Pricing

Check gas and diesel prices for CFN, retail and truck stop fuel locations.

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 Market Forecasts

Make use of our daily market forecasts that alert you of rising or falling diesel fuel prices.

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 Locate Sites

Search online for fuel location in your area or along driver routes.

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 Mobile Apps

Download the CFN-Fleetwide or Voyager app for your phone to easily locate sites along your routes.

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 Contractor Solutions

 Contractor Fuel Cards

Reduce financial risk when contractors are approved for their own P-Fleet account.

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 Settlement Processing

Free up admin time and show less control of contractor deductions with third-party processing.

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 Vendor Services

Connect contractors with vendors for fuel, maintenance, insurance and accounting services.

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