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Fleet Fuel Cards > Owner Operators


Contractors receive their own fuel cards with direct billing.

Avoid the financial risk and administrative responsibility for contractor fuel and maintenance expenses. With GoDirect, contractors are approved for credit and receive their own invoices detailing fuel card purchases during the settlement period.




Credit Approval

We offer contractors credit for fuel and maintenance expenses if they contract with your company. No credit check or deposit required.


Direct Invoicing

Contractors receive detailed invoices billed to their business names and available via email, fax, mail or electronic download.


Multiple Fuel Card Networks

Contractors can choose CFN, Fleetwide or Voyager fuel cards, depending on their needs, and can request fuel cards for secondary drivers.



A fuel card program to recruit and retain independent contractors.

Contractors with the means to cover operating expenses make for ideal recruits, but many contractors need some support to run. Contractors with your company are eligible to receive fuel cards from P-Fleet to cover expenses rather than paying out of pocket. As contractors succeed, they are more likely to remain contracted with your company.


We take the credit risk so that your company does not.

Fuel cards are issued to contractors as part of a direct vendor-to-contractor relationship. Avoid the financial risk and administrative burden of a traditional fuel card program tied to your company. We don’t require your company to guarantee credit or resolve unpaid invoices on behalf of contractors.



Key Program Benefits



 Improved cash flow

 No credit check or deposit required

 Multiple fuel card networks available

 Fuel cards for secondary drivers

 Online access to transactions, invoices and reports

 Contracting Company

 Incentives to help recruitment and retention

 Less driver downtime impacting customers

 No financial risk with contractor purchases

 No fuel invoices billed to your company

 No fuel account management responsibility

Read our white paper about how third-party settlement processing can benefit the independent contractor model.  CONTRACTOR MODEL WHITE PAPER