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Fuel cards for owner-operators and small trucking companies

Take advantage of the best fuel cards for owner-operators and trucking companies, offering universal acceptance or access to a discount network and online management tools to help run your business and track every dollar spent.



Trucking fuel card choices

Cover operating costs with your choice of either CFN or Voyager trucking fuel cards. Access discount sites or major and independent brand truck stops, depending on where you operate and what you need. The benefits of fuel cards for truckers don't end at the cash savings, though. There are many other advantages.
Choose the card that fits

CFN and Voyager cards are available to meet different customer needs.

Discounts available

For owner-operators in the West, choose our CFN fuel card for access to discount sites.

Universal coverage

If nationwide, our universal card is taken at major and independent brand truck stops.

Zero transaction fees

No transaction fees at CFN sites, truck stops or gas stations when you use our fuel cards for truckers.

Expense tracking

Capture vehicle, driver, odometer, gallons, product, date, time, dollar amount and location with each purchase.

Manage fuel cards for trucking online

Manage your trucking fuel cards through our customer portal or contact our service team to process requests.

Free IFTA reports

Simplify IFTA filing with our reports that total your purchases by state and vehicle. No need to tally up purchases manually.

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Choose the CFN card for discounts.

  • Get discounts when fueling within a network of commercial sites in the West with the best fuel card for truckers and owner-operators.
  • Sites designed for large commercial vehicles with high-speed fueling and satellite dispensers at select locations.
  • Sites located near major highways and metro areas.
  • Ask your account rep about adding on 57,000 truck stops and retail sites for extra coverage if you need it.



CFN Fuel Card for Owner Operators
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Choose the Voyager card for flexibility.

  • Access over 97% of all fuel locations in the U.S. so you can choose the lowest-cost sites along your routes.
  • Over 320,000 truck stops and gas stations from which to choose, including major and independent brands.
  • Easily track spending with detailed invoices and free reports.
  • Ask your account rep about optional maintenance to cover vehicle operating costs.



Voyager Fuel Card for Truckers



Cut company costs with lower fuel prices.

No hidden fees added to your account.

Some fuel card companies charge multiple fees. We keep it simple. No setup fees, transaction fees or late fees. We invoice for the fuel you buy during your billing period, plus $3 per account invoice. That's for the entire account, not per card, not per transaction.

  • $3 per account invoice
  • No account setup fees
  • No monthly card fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No late payment fees



Owner-operator fuel card limits, monitoring and fraud protection

Apply for a trucking fuel card in less than 5 minutes.

If you're ready, you can submit your application in minutes. Just enter your contact and company information. Credit checks are soft inquiries that won't affect your credit score.



Why P-Fleet?

We have one goal: We want to fuel better business. P-Fleet’s cards provide fuel discounts, top customer support, access to 97% of all fueling locations, and management tools to easily run your program. Trucking companies spend a significant portion of their budget on fuel.

With P-Fleet’s trucking fuel cards, you can enjoy significant savings from fuel discounts and access to a broad network of inexpensive truck stops and gas stations. Our CFN or Voyager fuel cards for trucking companies can also improve your cash flow by increasing your payment terms. 

By choosing P-Fleet for your fleet card needs, you'll benefit from our 34 years of experience in the industry. With our commitment to product refinement and innovation, you can be confident in P-Fleet's capability to consistently offer cost-effective fuel solutions now and into the future. Contact P-Fleet and get one of the best fuel cards for truckers.


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