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Deploy driver resources while reducing your company's risk.

We facilitate vendor services for independent contractors and owner-operators and offer settlement processing to minimize your company’s involvement and liability with contractor business expenses.






Contractor Fuel Cards

Reduce financial risk and administrative responsibilities with contractor fuel expenses. With GoDirect, contractors have their own fuel cards and are approved for credit as an incentive for contracting with your company.

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Settlement Processing

Free up admin time and show less control of deductions to protect against misclassification. SettleUP manages payments, deductions and reserve transactions and provides an online view of settlement information for all parties.

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Vendor Services

Show contractor investment in the tools needed to operate. Connect contractors with insurance and accounting services, in addition to fuel and maintenance, when you outsource settlement processing to P-Fleet.

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Keep contractors at arm's length.

The contractor business model faces intense scrutiny that can limit the support companies provide to drivers. Along with our vendor partners, we provide solutions for fuel, maintenance, insurance and accounting services to help contractors stay up and running. Not sure which solution is right for you?



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Read our white paper about how third-party settlement processing can benefit the independent contractor model.  CONTRACTOR MODEL WHITE PAPER