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Fleet Fuel Cards > Pricing


Don't lose money to unfair fees.

With other fuel card companies, hidden fees and late fees add up. We believe clear pricing keeps customers happy, and happy customers fuel our business. Simply pay for the fuel purchased during the billing period, plus $3 per invoice. No matter how many purchases occur on the account during the billing period, it's only $3, with no additional card fees or transaction fees.


Fuel Cards
Fee Type Amount
Invoice $3 per billing period 
Account Setup $0
Card Orders $0
Monthly Card Fee $0
Transaction Fee $0
Late Fee $0
Report Fee $0
Returned Payment $0
Mailed Invoice $0
Invoice Payment by Check $0
Account Reinstatement $0
Account Research Fee $0
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does P-Fleet make money?

We earn a percentage of the pump price from merchants when you use our fuel cards at their locations.

Is there an APR finance fee?

Only if you fail to pay your invoice after 60 days do we charge 1.5% per month. Otherwise, there is no APR charged.

How much is card delivery?

It’s always free by mail. If you need delivery by UPS or FedEx, those charges are billed to your next fuel invoice.

Is there a fee for invoices by mail?

No, but delivery by email or fax will arrive faster so you can review charges in a timely manner.

Are there any contracts?

No contracts. No catches. Cancel anytime.

Is there a fee to re-open my account?

No, we welcome returning clients!



Know what you pay.

The price per gallon depends on the program that you select and the locations that you end up using.

Cost-Plus Pricing

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) is the industry benchmark for cost-plus pricing at commercial fuel sites, including CFN locations.

AAA Pricing

Gas and diesel prices at CFN locations can also be based on the metro averages that AAA reports as an alternative to OPIS-based pricing.

Retail Pricing

Gas and diesel prices at fuel locations within the Voyager or Fleetwide networks are based on the pump prices set by merchants.


Complimentary Features Include:


  Card limits to reduce unauthorized spending

  Email notification when fuel cards are used

  Transaction alerts for unauthorized attempts

 Customize limits for each driver and vehicle

 Volume change alerts

 Alerts for fueling at specific times or days

 MPG and CPM calculated from odometer

 Product exception alerts

 Alerts for fueling outside of designated areas



  Invoices online, via email, fax or mail

  Master statements for multi-branch accounts

  IFTA reports with fueling by state and vehicle

 Fuel spend reports by cost center

 Level III data for fuel purchases

 Driver and vehicle usage reports online

 Tax Refund reports to simplify filing

 Budgeting and trend analysis

 GL code/department summaries on invoices

 Electronic receipts emailed

 Electronic data files for system uploads

 On-site and mobile data integration


  Online Tools

 Order and adjust cards online

 Run usage reports for any time period

 Search online for fuel locations

 Excel downloads with transaction details

 Online pricing for CFN, retail and truck stops

 CFN and Voyager mobile apps

 Current and historical invoices online

 Daily market forecasts

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