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Industry-best fuel card controls and fraud alerts

Make use of purchase controls and email alerts with our cards to reduce unauthorized spending and detect suspect activity if it occurs. To learn more, request a callback from our team.



Fleet Fuel Cards / Controls

Controls costs with fuel card controls.

Managing company fuel expenses depends on reducing unauthorized fueling and adjusting card limits for what drivers need. Our cards can be set up with limits specific to each driver or vehicle, giving you flexibility with cardholders. Gain tighter control over purchases with restrictions including:

  • PIN or Driver ID required to fuel
  • Fuel or product type
  • Gallons or dollars per transaction
  • Transactions per day
  • Authorized fueling times and days



Read the guide to fuel card purchase controls →


Implement a fuel policy that drivers can sign.

It's important for drivers to clearly understand the permitted use (and consequences of misuse) of the cards issued to them. We can help your team draft a fuel policy for drivers to sign. Document their acceptance of the policy terms and acknowledgment that non-compliant purchases will be considered employee theft for which they will be responsible.


Learn how to draft a driver fuel card policy →


Review driver odometer entries and MPG.

Capture vehicle efficiency as miles per gallon (MPG) and cost per mile (CPM) when drivers input odometer readings at the pump. Any deviation from a reasonable MPG reading can be used to identify potential theft or a maintenance problem with the vehicle.


Monitor usage online.

Our online management tools allow customers to monitor fuel purchases before invoices are issued. Monitor driver and vehicle cards online and run fuel card reports for any time period to compare usage. Transactions can be downloaded into Excel for easy review.


How to stop card misuse →


Easily detect suspect card activity.

We offer another layer of security with our fraud detection alerts that notify you if suspect activity occurs within authorized fueling parameters. Alerts are sent via email so that management can respond immediately.


Find out how alerts assist fleet managers →

Card watch

Receive email notifications whenever specific cards are used.

Volume changes

Any significant change to your average weekly gallons is reported.

Product exceptions

Activity that differs from normal purchasing patterns is reported.

Driver errors

A driver trying to fuel outside of authorized fueling parameters creates an alert.

Time & day of purchase

Set alerts to monitor driver fueling for specific times or days.

Fueling location

Set alerts for fueling that occurs away from designated fuel sites or regions.