Fleet Purchase Controls – Industry Leading Fuel Card Security from P-Fleet

Your fleet card program is only as good as its controls. That’s why P-Fleet puts you in the driver’s seat with the best fleet card controls available. Proper management begins with fuel card security and powerful, flexible fleet card controls. Our simple, easy-to-implement customized fleet purchase controls will help you eliminate waste, avoid fraud and maximize profits.

P-Fleet understands how critical it is for companies to control fleet expenses by reducing unauthorized purchases. We provide industry-best fleet card controls to prevent fuel theft and robust management tools to detect fraudulent activity if it occurs. Our team assists you with selecting the fuel card purchase controls that fit different employees, branches, departments or fleet divisions.

Purchase controls can be implemented to control both fleet card and on-site tank fueling. We add another layer of security with our fraud detection alerts that you can customize. If suspect activity occurs, then the system will notify you so that you can respond immediately. In addition, all driver and vehicle transactions are available online to simplify driver monitoring and oversight of program.

Card Purchase Controls - Prevent theft for both on-site and off-site fueling with industry-best purchase controls.

Fraud Detection - Receive immediate email notification if fraudulent activity occurs. Setup fraud alerts to notify you of any suspicious activity outside your normal fueling patterns.

Driver Monitoring - Easily compare driver and vehicle usage online to identify suspect activity.


Our fleet fuel management controls are customizable to fit your specific business needs. We’ll help implement your fleet card controls exactly how you want. And for small, on-the-fly adjustments and updates, you have the power to do it all. P-Fleet’s intuitive fleet control interface is simple to use yet offers a wealth of powerful features to keep you on top of everything, all the time.

If you have any questions about our fleet card security, or you’d like to get started today, call our business fleet card consultants at 800.499.4645. Or, you can request more information on the P-Fleet contact page. Thanks for considering P-Fleet as your fleet card provider.