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P-Fleet Moves to a Digital Fuel Card Application Process

Feb 12, 2019 11:34:00 PM

P-Fleet is delighted to announce their new and improved application process, which allows companies to apply online for a fuel card. This technology simplifies the workload for prospective clients and eliminates paper waste. “Our online application is a convenient way for customers to quickly apply for a fuel card account,” says John Verardo, the Vice President of Sales at P-Fleet. “It enables our team to accelerate the setup process so we can better accommodate customer fueling needs.”

The new system allows companies to apply online for a fuel card without the need for physical paperwork, faxing, or mailing. After their application is approved, they can also send driver and vehicle information via email to circumvent the use of paper entirely. If you have any questions about the new application process, please contact piper.bloom@pfleet.com

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