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Utilize third-party settlement and deduction processing.

Show less control of contractor deductions and lower worker misclassification risk when you outsource processing to P-Fleet. Our SaaS application facilitates processing settlements, managing reserve accounts and disbursing payments to contractors and vendors.




Contractor Settlement Payments

Easily complete settlement cycles and give contractors the choice of receiving their settlement payments by check, ACH or debit card.


Cloud-Based Software

Our cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables local managers and contractors to easily access their settlement information online, anywhere, anytime.


Third-Party Processing

We enter into agreement with both parties to show how contractors authorize their vendor payments and that the onus for processing deductions is not with your company.



Reduce the time, effort and cost of settlement processing.

With SettleUP, there is no costly accounting system or software to purchase and install. Our SaaS application allows for payment and deduction files to be uploaded or we can schedule recurring items for each new period. Our system calculates the net settlement to disburse to contractors and the deduction and reserve amounts to remit to vendors. Reduce your accounting team’s workload with our comprehensive reports that show all settlement activity.


Gain a real-time view of settlements.

Our cloud-based software makes the settlement and deduction process more transparent for all parties involved. Pending payments and deductions are displayed online in real time so that accounting personnel, local managers, contractors and vendors can access their respective information and resolve any issues before settlements are finalized.



Here’s how it works: 

Fuel Card Account Setup


We upload your payment file or set up recurring payments in our system.

Contractor Deductions


Vendors invoice contractors and submit their deduction files through SettleUP.

Contractor Payment and Deductions


Payments and deductions are displayed online along with the projected net settlement amounts.

Owner Operator Settlement Processing

IC Settlements

Settlement payments are disbursed to contractors and deduction amounts remitted to vendors.



Key Program Benefits 



 Settlement funds by check, ACH or debit card

 Settlement statements available online, by email or mail

 Settlement and reserve account history online

 Revenue and expense reporting for tax filing

 Access to vendor services

 Contracting Company

 Outsourced settlement processing

 Third-party deduction processing to reduce risk

 Cloud-based app to access information anywhere, anytime

 Reserve account management

 1099 administrative services



Show how contractors control expenses.

With SettleUP, contractors can approve or rescind approval of vendors to show that the deduction process is not involuntary and that they control profit and loss potential, not your company. Payment terms between the contracting company and contractor can also be documented to further demonstrate a vendor-to-vendor arrangement. Read more about how third-party settlement processing can benefit the independent contractor model.