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Independent contractor fuel cards help drivers succeed.

Enable drivers to cover fuel expenses and manage cash flow with a fuel card program designed for owner-operator and contractor fleets.




Recruit and retain contractors with GoDirect.

Direct billing of contractor fuel cards

Independent contractors with the means to cover operating expenses make for ideal partners. However, sometimes contractors that are recruited need some support. With GoDirect, contractors with your company are eligible for their own fuel card account.

We will approve them for credit, bill them directly and collect payment via settlement deduction. They will receive detailed invoices showing their fuel and maintenance purchases. With direct billing, your company avoids financial risk and responsibility for overseeing contractor fueling. With access to fuel cards, contractors cover expenses, continue to operate and are more likely to stay contracted with your company.

We take the credit risk.

Unlike a traditional fuel card program, we don’t require your company to guarantee credit on behalf of contractors. Instead, we establish a direct account with the contractor and assume the credit risk so that your company does not.

Drivers will be approved.

As long as drivers remain contracted with your company, they are eligible for a fuel card to cover fuel and maintenance expenses. We waive the credit check requirement and do not require them to prepay or deposit funds in advance.

We invoice drivers directly.

Independent contractors will receive their own invoices billed to their business names. Invoices will show detailed transactions including gallons, price, amount, date/time, location, fuel type and odometer. Invoices available by email, fax or online.

Multiple fuel networks available.

Contractors can cover fuel expenses with either CFN or Voyager fuel cards. CFN provides access to discount sites in the West. Voyager provides access to major and independent brand truck stops and retail gas stations nationwide.

Key benefits of GoDirect

The goal with GoDirect is to implement a solution that benefits your contractors, company and customers.

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Keep contractors running.
  • Improved cash flow
  • No credit check, no deposit
  • Multiple fuel networks available
  • Online access to invoices
Benefit your company.
  • Fuel program to retain drivers
  • Less driver downtime
  • Outsourced credit risk 
  • Invoices billed to drivers
Make it easy for customers.
  • Fewer service disruptions
  • Greater predictability with deliveries

Want to learn more?

Read our white paper on third-party settlement processing and how it can benefit the independent contractor model.