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Free fuel reports to simplify tracking of fleet expenses.

Simplify processing and improve administrative efficiency with our fleet fuel reports that deliver the right data to the right personnel.




Invoices & Statements

Available online and by email, fax or mail. Invoices include Level III data and GL code/department summaries. Master AR statements are available to simplify corporate payments for multiple locations.

Driver & Vehicle Usage

Run reports to compare usage among fleet cards and download transactions into Excel. View gallons, price, transaction amount, date/time, location, fuel type, odometer, among other details.

IFTA Reporting

Free IFTA reporting is available that summarizes fuel card purchases by state and vehicle to reduce the time needed to file IFTA returns.

Fuel Tax Refunds

Identify refundable gallons used in off-road equipment and reefer units to simplify refund filing. We can also apply certain fuel tax exemptions at the time of purchase to eliminate filing for refunds.

Electronic Data Files

Reduce manual data entry with data files that can be imported into your fleet maintenance, asset management or ERP software applications.

Fuel Spend

Summarize fuel spend and employee purchases by region, branch, department, GL code or other cost center of your choice for any time period you need.


Get notification via email when fleet fuel cards are used. You can also view transactions through your online customer account.

Exception Reporting

Set up reports to detect fraudulent activity and volume changes. Email alerts will be sent should any suspect activity occur with your fleet cards.

Contractor Purchases

If contractors fuel under your account, we can sort fuel card purchases by contractor so you know the amounts to deduct. Or ask about our contractor fuel card program.

On-Site Fueling

We can capture and combine transactional data from fleet fuel cards, on-site tanks and mobile fueling to give you a complete picture of fueling activity.

Fuel Budgeting & Trend Analysis

We have years of historical pricing data to help you analyze trends, evaluate your current purchasing strategy and measure budget goals.

Free custom reporting solutions to fit your information management needs.  APPLY NOW