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Fleet Fuel Cards > Fuel Tax Refund


Find out if your fleet qualifies.

Let’s determine if your fleet is eligible for a fuel tax credit, refund or exemption from federal and state agencies.




Simplify fuel tax refund filing and maximize recovery.

As part of our fuel card program, we help you identify tax credits, refunds or exemptions that apply to your operations. We can assist your team with implementing driver fueling guidelines so that the required data is captured to support refund filing. Free fuel tax refund reports are available that identify refundable gallons used in off-road equipment and reefer units to simplify filing. We can also apply certain exemptions at the time of purchase to eliminate filing for refunds. If you have not claimed refunds or exemptions previously, you may be eligible to recover funds from as far back as three years ago.

Apply and start simplifying your fuel tax refunds. No contracts. Cancel anytime (but few customers do).  APPLY NOW