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Discounts (plus extra coverage) with the Fleetwide fuel card

Get all the benefits of CFN, including discount cardlock locations, plus 57,000 retail stations and truck stops for added convenience.




Access CFN cardlocks, gas stations and truck stops, all in one card.

With the Fleetwide card, customers receive discounted pricing at cardlocks. Drivers also gain access to 57,000 additional sites, including major brand gas stations and truck stops. Pay the merchant pump price at these extra locations without any transaction fees.

CFN cardlock sites

With the Fleetwide fuel card, access 3,000 cardlock locations designed for trucks, open 24/7, with high-speed and satellite dispensers.

Discount diesel prices

Cost-plus pricing available to save money. View unleaded and diesel fuel prices online to identify low-cost cities along your routes.

Truck stops and retail sites

Choose from 57,000 truck stops and retail fuel locations that accept the Fleetwide fuel card, in addition to cardlocks.

No transaction fees

No transaction fees charged to customers when using our card to make a purchase at any accepting locations.

Purchase controls

Set gallon limits on purchases and control transactions per day and authorized fueling days and times.

Fraud alerts

Opt to receive electronic receipts and fraud alerts for additional oversight of fuel cards and to monitor driver purchases.

Account management

Manage cards, check transactions and download invoices. Run reports to track expenses and usage.

Free fuel reports

Keep track of every dollar spent on refueling. Summarize purchases by GL code, department, branch and more.

Mobile app

Use the Fleetwide app to find locations and get directions on the road. Download for iPhones or Google phones.

Fleetwide fuel card brand acceptance

Get flexible coverage and the cardholder benefits available with two networks. Cut fuel costs when you receive discounted rates at cardlock sites. Pay the merchant pump price without transaction fees if drivers need to use extra retail and truck stop brands. Use our site locator to search for sites in your area or download the mobile app.




Ready to set up your Fleetwide card account?

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime (but few customers do).