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Diesel Prices

Fleet Management Costs

Identifying the best diesel prices before fueling greatly impacts fleet operating costs. Having that information readily available at your fingertips can make the difference between paying costly or cheap diesel prices over time. The ability to easily monitor gas prices and diesel prices and route drivers accordingly is critical to the success of a fleet, which is why P-Fleet provides customers with online pricing for locations and sites nationwide.

Pricing Transparency

P-Fleet understands that having immediate access to fleet card pricing information is critical for purchasing decisions and pricing transparency. You cannot afford to wait until invoices are issued to review diesel fuel prices and other cost factors. Utilize our unique online pricing tools to take the guesswork out of determining your fuel cost. As a customer, you can check live pricing for your CFN wholesale sites and truck stops and view market forecasts online. Current fuel prices are available for download into Excel, and historical fuel pricing for the last 30 days can be easily reviewed.

Market Forecasts

Daily market forecasts alert you when the wholesale diesel prices are rising or falling so that you can adjust your purchasing behavior to maximize cost savings. Cheap diesel prices can come and go quickly, but P-Fleet’s daily market forecast can help fleet managers stay ahead of the curve. Every weekday a recommendation is made forecasting the direction of the wholesale diesel market. Based upon those market predictions, fleet managers can direct drivers to fuel today to avoid rising diesel prices or postpone fueling until tomorrow to take advantage of declining prices.

Low Cost Routing

With P-Fleet’s online pricing tool and the CFN fuel card, you can identify CFN wholesale sites with the lowest gas and diesel fuel prices along driver routes or near job areas to maximize cost savings. Compare pricing between cities and regions to improve your fuel purchasing strategy and identify the most affordable diesel fuel prices. We also have resources online for you to compare pricing for retail stations and truck stops. With the P-Fleet Voyager Fleet Card, you have the flexibility to compare diesel and gas prices across major retail brands and to fuel at the lowest cost retail stations and truck stops in your area to maximize cost savings.

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