Cost Effective and Flexible Fleet Fuel Strategies

P-Fleet is committed to developing a fuel purchasing strategy that will reduce your overall fleet cost. We understand that your fleet expenses include more than just today’s price per gallon. The most effective way for reducing your overall fleet cost is having the information to make smarter purchasing decisions – because smarter decisions today will position your company for future success. P-Fleet establishes the right system for your company, with strategically smart solutions designed to eliminate waste and increase productivity.

Our fleet fuel management solutions can be as involved as customizing a purchasing strategy for each branch, department or fleet division or simply helping you benchmark current supplier costs to verify if another option would be beneficial. P-Fleet provides the information you need to decide which fuel sites are most cost effective and which days are most advantageous for fueling so that you can maximize cost savings. We analyze historical pricing trends – quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year – to help you budget for annual fuel expenses. We have years of historical data available to help you develop and test different fuel purchasing strategies. Learn more about our approach.

Strategy Development - Consult with us to analyze pricing trends and develop a strategy to improve fuel purchasing decisions.

Cost Savings - Take advantage of cost savings available with different fleet fuel cards that include cardlocks, truck stops, and retail sites.

Fuel Tax Refunds - Take advantage of fuel tax refunds that may be applicable to your fleet.

Online Pricing - Gain pricing transparency and identify low cost sites along driver routes or near job areas.

Interested in learning more about our fleet fueling strategies? Our business fuel card specialists can get you started whenever you’re ready. Please call us at 800.499.4645, or visit our contact page for additional information. Thanks for choosing P-Fleet!