CALPASC P-Fleet Discount Fuel Card Program

CALPASC and P-Fleet are proud sponsors of this exclusive CALPASC membership benefit program. 


This exclusive program was designed to save trade contractors, even smaller companies, $0.05 to $0.10 per gallon on fuel purchases. Discounts are available at CFN sites and are based upon cost-plus (wholesale) negotiated prices. Members will also have access to other retail-based fuel cards to accommodate their needs. To estimate your annual fuel savings with the program. Program highlights are below.

[fa icon="bar-chart-o"] Reporting

[fa icon="check"] Invoices broken out by cost center
[fa icon="check"] GL or department reports for simplified fuel accounting
[fa icon="check"] Monthly off-road reports
[fa icon="check"] Quarterly IFTA reports for all IFTA registered trucks
[fa icon="check"] CSV, text or other file format for upload into your system
[fa icon="check"] Custom exception and management reports

[fa icon="lock"] Controls

[fa icon="check"] Track driver, unit #, location, time, product and odometer/hour
[fa icon="check"] Transactions per day (control)
[fa icon="check"] Gallons per transaction (CFN, Fleetwide) and dollars per transaction (Voyager)
[fa icon="check"] Time of day (control or alert)
[fa icon="check"] Day of week (control or alert)
[fa icon="check"] Product type (control for CFN sites, alert for all sites)

[fa icon="desktop"] Online Account Access

[fa icon="check"] Order or cancel cards
[fa icon="check"] Manage card limits
[fa icon="check"] Check fuel pricing
[fa icon="check"] Review invoices and statements
[fa icon="check"] Pay invoices online
[fa icon="check"] Download reports
[fa icon="check"] Download transactions into Excel

[fa icon="dollar"] CALPASC Support

[fa icon="check"] CALPASC receives $.04 per gallon for fuel at CFN sites
To apply for an account, download our credit application and fax to (858) 348-2596, attention Sales, or email to Please be sure that your application includes the CALPASC logo on the second page or write that you were referred by CALPASC so we can credit the organization. 



Send us your application:

[fa icon="envelope"] Email to

[fa icon="fax"] Fax to (858) 348-2596

“The CALPASC fuel program is financially amazing. We had both our old WEX program and the CALPASC Pfleet program going concurrently in the month of October. Our average savings was twenty one cents per gallon and it saved 20/20 Plumbing & Heating over $3,000 in October alone!

Annualize this and that is SIGNIFICANT. Was there some “getting use to the CFN network?” Absolutely, but after 1.5 months of getting everyone on board, I can say it was a huge success for us. The controls alone has made it VERY easy to spot the less trustworthy within our rank and file. All in all, this alone makes CALPASC a HUGE WIN for 20/20 financially, not to mention the educational seminars, and guidance through the litany of governmental and regulatory bodies we must navigate in California. This programs pays for our annual dues and then some each year! Thank you CALPASC”

Michael A. Mahony 20/20 Plumbing & Heating

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