About P-Fleet


P-Fleet understands that running your fleet involves more than just having a fleet card in your driver's pocket. Think of us as a strategic supplier that delivers analysis, insight and guidance to assist with your fleet expense decisions. Since 1986, customers have leveraged our industry expertise, innovative thinking and dedicated support to maximize cost savings and to improve how they control and track fleet expenses. We consult with you to develop a fleet expense management solution that fits your needs and delivers maximum value for your budget. We understand the challenges with changing suppliers, but we have processes in place to make the transition as easy as possible for each level of your organization.


About P-Fleet


Industry Expertise


P-Fleet has the industry expertise to develop and implement an expense management solution that accommodates the various levels of your organization. Our consultative approach examines requirements of each department, delivers specific recommendations and helps your fleet expense management program reach its full potential. Our team of experienced professionals analyzes the unique needs of fleet managers, administrative personnel and upper management alike to identify current challenges and goals for improvement. Our experience enables us to develop a solution for the different levels of your organization and to streamline implementation for the personnel involved. Following implementation, we provide dedicated support and serve as your industry resource moving forward. As future needs evolve, we adapt our solutions to meet new requirements and continue to deliver value.


P-Fleet has the innovate thinking to create new expense management solutions that will solve problems should your organization face new challenges. We understand that different people within your organization will have different needs and that those needs may change over time. We adapt our solutions to meet new requirements and solve problems as they arise so that you can focus on the core aspects of running your business.


We have over 20 years of experience in fleet expense management, but that doesn't mean we're stuck in the old ways of thinking. We're forward thinking, and we constantly innovate new products and services that deliver more value to our customers. We work to understand your fuel and information management requirements, and we develop new solutions to continually align with your evolving needs.


Dedicated Support


P-Fleet realizes that implementing an expense management solution is only the beginning of our strategic partnership. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing the highest level of account and cardholder support for your organization. We are available to assist you every step of the way and address any questions or concerns regarding your account. Our priority is to deliver ongoing customer support for your evolving needs so that the maximum value of our solutions is realized.


We understand that customer needs vary, so we coordinate closely with your administrative personnel to help manage what is important to you. Customer support is available by phone and email or submit requests through your online customer account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our focus is to provide dedicated support and to ensure that the end-to-end delivery of our solutions exceeds your expectations.