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P-Fleet is a leader in expense and payment management solutions for commercial fleets, including those with owner-ops and contractors. We offer the convenience of multiple fleet fuel cards, including CFN, Fuelman, and Voyager, to accommodate all fleet sizes, whether operating locally or nationwide. Since 1986, we have combined industry expertise and forward thinking to create smarter solutions for our customers.


As a leader in expense management, P-Fleet helps companies improve purchasing strategies, control fleet expenses and streamline expense reporting. Fleet customers have the flexibility to choose from gas and diesel locations nationwide across the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN), Fuelman or Voyager networks. Drivers can fuel at wholesale network locations with fleet fuel cards or have the convenience to fuel across major retail and truck stop brands with universal fuel cards. Industry-best controls and robust online tools are available for fleet managers to control fleet fuel card purchases. Reporting solutions are available for accounting departments to streamline expense reconciliation, including fuel costing, IFTA, fuel tax refunds and owner-op deductions.


P-Fleet’s payment management solutions are designed with owner-op fleets in mind. We offer vendor services and settlement processing to help carriers retain drivers and lessen involvement with owner-op business expenses. Reduce your financial risk with direct accounts and billing options for vendor services that owner-ops need to run their businesses. Free up your administrative resources by outsourcing the processing of settlement payments, deductions and reserve account transactions.


Fleet Card Options - Gain the convenience of CFN, Fuelman and Voyager fleet fuel cards with consolidated invoices to simplify driver monitoring.
Fleet Cards | CFN | Fuelman | Voyager | Coverage


Owner-Op Fleets - Reduce risk, increase admin efficiency and improve the recruitment and retention of drivers with our programs for owner-op and contractor fleets.
Owner-Op Programs | Settlement Processing


Fuel Purchasing Strategy - Improve fleet fueling decisions and identify cost savings available through CFN, Fuelman and Voyager network locations.
Fuel Strategy | Strategy Development | Cost Savings | Fuel Tax Refunds | Online Pricing


Controls - Utilize industry-best purchase controls for fleet fuel cards and enhance gas and diesel transaction monitoring to reduce unauthorized fleet fueling.
Controls | Card Purchase Controls | Fraud Detection | Driver Monitoring


Increased Efficiency - Receive free custom reports detailing fleet fuel card transactions for CFN, Fuelman and Voyager to increase administrative efficiency.
Reporting | Online Tools


Process Improvement - Leverage our industry expertise, innovative thinking and dedicated customer support to improve the management of fleet fuel cards and overall fleet expenses.
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