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P-Fleet provides management reports that allow upper management to gain a comprehensive picture of fleet expenses and employee activity. We recognize that management at the branch, regional and division levels may need information presented in different ways. Receive reports that are customized according to the level of detail that each management level prefers. Reports can include both on-site and off-site fueling to help you determine total vehicle costs. Trend analysis reports are also available for budgeting purposes.


Fuel-Spend Reports - Samples: Fuel-Spend (PDF) |  Fuel-Spend (Excel)
If you have multiple levels of management, utilize P-Fleet's Fuel-Spend Reports as an administrative tool for gathering relevant cost center information. We generate management reports with fuel-spend information specific for each management level and sorted according to your preference. Fuel-spend and employee purchase information can be summarized by region, branch, department, GL code or other cost center of your choice. Reports can be issued for whiche ver time period you need to review.


Consolidated Reports
P-Fleet provides consolidated reports that combine transactional data from fleet cards, on-site tanks and mobile fueling sources to simplify vehicle, department or employee fuel costing. Easily compare usage among cost centers with all of your fleet expenses detailed in a consolidated report. Reports enable management to gain a comprehensive picture of all fuel purchases and compare costs associated with each fueling source.
In order to capture transactions that occur on-site from your tank, we can integrate your existing on-site equipment or install a system for you. With our integrated service, you have strict purchase controls and enhanced driver accountability for on-site transactions as well as optional inventory management and procurement of bulk fuel.


Owner-Operator Fuel Program - Samples: Owner-Op (PDF) |  Owner-Op (Excel)
For companies that have owner-operators, P-Fleet provides management reports to identify the total fuel costs for each owner-operator. Owner-operators receive their own transaction reports that serve as invoices for their fuel deductions and a paper trail for DOT inspections. Reports can match your payroll dates to simplify deductions and reduce the float for covering driver fuel expenses. To reduce your exposure, utilize our card purchase controls to limit the amount of fuel to which owner-operators have access.


Fuel Budgeting & Trend Analysis
P-Fleet generates analysis reports to forecast market trends and help you budget for annual fuel expenses. We have years of historical pricing data to analyze trends within wholesale and retail fuel markets. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to analyze your current fuel purchasing strategy and measure budget goals. We will ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your fuel budget. Learn more about our approach.

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